For thousands of years, the dog has been at the centre of our affections. We respect them as faithful workers, admire them as resolute hunters. We watch in awe as they run carefree in the park, a flurry of legs and fur, and laugh as they collapse blissfully in an exhausted heap. They guard and protect us, lead us when we cannot see, walk alongside us and become our closest pals. Most of all, dogs love and cherish us unconditionally, until death do us part.


Inspired by the love for- and from- her own dog, Rachael Hale has created an extraordinary array of heart-warming images of our canine companions. She has photographed dozens of breeds in a myriad of shapes and sizes, heights, girths, shaggy coats and wiry curls – and the unique characters hidden beneath them, from the drowsy gaze of Spence the languid Labrador Retriever to the perky grin of Sox the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Rachael’s secret to capturing a dog’s soul is to focus on his or her eyes – whether they are wide and shining or heavy-lidded, in the throes of slumber. Within this book we can see the soul of our own best buddies staring back at us.


101 Salivations: For The Love of Dogs is a tribute to the animals who have stood by us for centuries and continue to be our best friends.


“Her portraits will make you beg, drool, maybe even roll over and lick your tummy” – People

101 salivations

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