for the love of a cat

Cats, with their appealing independence, velvet-sheathed killer claws and innate beauty that stretches from the tips of their tails to the pads of their paws, have been humankind’s companions throughout the ages. Our cats keep the mice at bay, comfort us when we’re tired, settle us when we’re stressed. And all they ask in return is a regular supply of food and maybe some light stroking. But only when it suits them…


For the very first time, the absolute best from Rachael Hale-McKenna’s impressive body of work is brought together into one stunning collection of images. Woven together with powerful words from history’s most devoted cat-lovers and Rachael’s own recollections from a lifetime of passionate devotion to cats, it illuminates and captures the essence of what it is to love a cat.


I’ve always been around cats – from the family moggie whose tail flicked while kids grabbed with sticky hands, to the pedigree cat whose personality charmed even our neighbours. But it was really through working with them, trying to capture a certain look or feel, that I really came to love them- their elegant movements, their contrary natures and their expressive faces, cats often have such striking eyes, when my photographs capture a cat’s intense stare, those eyes draw the viewer in and create an emotion that is hard to describe. I hope that emotion is present as you turn these pages; and that you feel, as I do, love for our cats. 

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