The New York Dog

A captivating survey of New York’s cutest, most extraordinary dogs from bestselling photographer Rachael Hale McKenna.


Take a stroll down any sidewalk in the city and one thing is immediately clear – New Yorkers love dogs. In just a few city blocks, it is not unusual to encounter a whole spectrum of breeds, from an Affenpinscher to a Yorkshire terrier and every kind of dog in between.


Capturing both the exceptional atmosphere of the city and the personalities of its many incredible canine residents, acclaimed photographer Rachael Hale McKenna explores the life of the New York dog from every angle , with images of dogs taking walks, riding in taxis, lounging in extravagant apartments, shopping in boutiques, visiting spas, dining in restaurants, and much more.


Following in the paw prints of The French Cat and The French Dog, The New York Dog showcases Rachael’s signature photographic style in the Big Apple, revealing this much-photographed city from a new perspective. Displaying both iconic vistas and little-known neighbourhood gems, the book presents a dog lover’s version of the metropolis, a tour of our four-legged friend’s favourite haunts. From purebreds, on the Upper East Side to loveable mutts in Queens, The New York Dog celebrates the many unforgettable dogs that live throughout all five boroughs of this great city.

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